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MVNA is one of the City of Monterey neighborhood associations that represents its residents. Our goal is to preserve the quality and character of our neighborhood areas. Our services include review an comment on selected city programs, proposed ordinances, and building designs. We publish three newsletters each year and provide assistance to members in resolving neighborhood concerns.

The Monterey Vista Neighborhood Association (MVNA) attempts to raise awareness of issues potentially important to our residents, and addresses critical topics at MVNA meetings open to all city residents. On May 15th we organized a meeting to discuss the City’s intention to refurbish the Monterey Conference Center (MCC), a potential $32 M investment. Read more here....

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May 2013 MVNA Newsletter

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Neighborhood Improvement Program
NIPEstablished in 1985, Monterey's Neighborhood Improvement Program (NIP) directs tourist-generated dollars directly back into the City's residential neighborhoods. Under a Charter Amendment, at least 16 percent of the money collected through hotel taxes (Transient Occupancy Tax) must be spent on neighborhood and community improvements.

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