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The Monterey Vista Neighborhood Association is one of the City of Monterey neighborhood associations that represents its residents. Our goal is to preserve the quality and character of our neighborhood areas. Our services include review and comment on selected city programs, proposed ordinances, and building designs. We post on our website and, hold events for our members and the general public, and provide assistance to residents in resolving neighborhood concerns. Your membership gives us more power to speak about matters that effect our neighborhood with the City and other organizations.

Yearly dues, now from September to August, are only $10 per household.

We’re currently offering a SPECIAL MEMBERSHIP rate of only $5 through August 2020, or…

With an extra year’s membership for only $15 good through August 2021 (which includes access to the 2020 Annual MVNA BBQ&Picnic)!

Please send us your name, address, phone number and consider furnishing us with an email address so that we can keep you up-to-date with neighborhood news and events. We will never share your contact information with any other organization or business.

Make your check payable to MVNA, let us know whether you are a new or renewing member and mail to:
MVNA  532 Herrmann Drive  Monterey, CA   93942

You may also pay annual dues online using the links below.

MVNA Annual Household Membership

Valid through August 2021 which includes access to the 2020 Annual MVNA BBQ & Picnic!

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