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Cellular and Wireless:

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The Monterey Vista Neighborhood Association (MVNA) strongly supported the majority of residents opposed to the 13 closely-spaced cellular antennas proposed by Extenet for Verizon within our neighborhood in September of 2017. The large number of residents that submitted comments to the City and spoke at multiple City meetings convinced the Planning Commission to deny these permits.

To avoid a repeat of this significant effort, the MVNA formed a Wireless Committee of dedicated residents to study the issue. The results of this work convinced the City Council to form an official Wireless Subcommittee to update Monterey's outdated Wireless Ordinance to better address future Telecom applications.

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re: Cellular Antennas within Monterey

shared by the MVNA Wireless Committee

Residential Cell Towers – The Science Behind the Concern?
By Ray Meyers - Monterey Vista Neighborhood Association Board Member

Wireless Subcommittee formed to study and revise Wireless Ordinance
     (Meetings are open to the public)

Redrafting Monterey's Wireless Ordinance

Effort to regulate cellular antennas in other cities:

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Quarry to Veterans Park Trail and Parcel B (2003-2009):